Mask Design Contest


Announcing the Mask Design Contest for Handknit Heroes!

If you’ve seen the comic, then you already know: Ana Miller needs to adopt a secret identity before her crime-fighting nights get her into more trouble than ditching school to buy shoes at the mall.

That’s where you come in. Handknit Heroes is holding a Mask Design Contest for the Fall 2009 issue. This issue comes out just in time for you to knit it up and wear it to your favorite masquerade!

The entry deadline is July 15, 2009.

The entry fee is a $5 donation to support Keep the Fleece, a non-profit organization helping to build the world’s largest fiber herd (through Heifer International) in the International Year of Natural Fiber.

To make your donation, go to the Handknit Heroes Team page and donate at least $5.


The mask pattern should be beginner to intermediate in level, sized for an adult female. Optional child sizing is appreciated, but not required. It should be knittable and wearable for at least 2 hours. This isn’t a mask to hang on the wall; it’s a costuming piece.

Ana’s colors are the bright primary colors: sunny yellow, bold blue, and flashy red. Please knit the finished sample for submission to the contest in these colors (you don’t have to use ALL of them!)

The choice of recommended yarn is yours to make, but remember that, if published, your pattern will be widely distributed, so please choose a yarn that people are able to find and will enjoy knitting. Your pattern should include the amount of the yarn (in yardage) that your finished sample actually used in creation (this helps people find and buy yarn), as well as the weight of the yarn (worsted weight, aran, fingering, etc.)

A note: There have been a few concept art pictures of Ana in a mask, but they’re just placeholders. Do not feel in any way like you need to use or recreate them in the pattern design.

The Grand Prize is $150 and publication in the Fall 09 issue of Handknit Heroes. The winning mask will also become part of Ana’s costume in future issues of Handknit Heroes.

All sample mask entries will be photographed and posted on the website and may appear in the comic book or in later publications.

Need Help Designing a Mask?

You can download and use the free Secret Identity Mask pattern to use as a starting point/template for your mask design. It’s an excellent way to get started, and a really fun pattern for using up leftover yarn. The pattern has been creative commons license, so you have permission to use it as a starting point for your pattern.

To Enter

Send the following:
  • Your completed Mask Design Contest Entry Form and Model Release Form - Now available in MS Word and PDF!
  • Your complete, written pattern (use our template if you need help: MS Word and PDF). Include a name for your pattern, which you will also put on your entry form and on the tag you attach to your mask. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME OR OTHER IDENTIFYING INFORMATION ON YOUR PATTERN.
  • A photograph of your mask.
  • Your finished sample, with a paper or cardstock tag containing your name, address, and the name of your mask, safety pinned or tied to the mask.
  • Your payment of $5 to Heifer International. You can donate online, or include a check made out to Heifer International with your mask submission.
  • A SASE with enough postage for us to return your sample to you after the contest is over. The Grand Prize winner’s sample will not be returned immediately. We need it for displays and shows. We accept USPS, FedEx, and UPS for both sending your sample to us, as well as for your pre-stamped return envelope. We will buy the delivery confirmation on any USPS returns to help ensure a safe return of your sample.

Put everything in an envelope and send it to:

Mortaine Publications, Inc.
848 N. Rainbow Blvd. #685
Las Vegas, NV 89107


Enter at your own risk. We are not responsible for samples in transit to or from us. If you give us special return shipping instructions and a pre-paid envelope, we will follow them. Non-winning contest entries will be returned no later than August 31, 2009 unless other arrangements are made. This contest is not valid anywhere prohibited by law. This is a competition of skill, not chance. Proceeds from the contest entry fees will be donated to Heifer International, a non-profit organization that provides agricultural animals to families in developing nations. Employees and current contractors of Mortaine Publications, Inc. and their spouses and families are ineligible to participate.